BlueGraphics is the design studio of Giovanni Jubert. The focus of our work is design development for clients who value their public and visual identity. We work on projects large and small, bringing them from concept to reality in any medium or support.

Design is an essential contribution to every level of business and communication. We always try to simplify and distill what is essential, meaningful, and most effective. We help people with ideas create, renew, and strengthen their business, their brands, and their communications.

Successful business and powerful communications cannot be achieved without passion, intelligence, and commitment. We sell knowledge, style, taste & creative thinking to achieve solutions that fit your needs.

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Graphic Design. Visual Identity. Naming. Branding. Print Design. Publication Design. Product Design. Packaging Design. Web Design. Typography & Good Photography.

It is an increible and increasingly changing world. Since the days of printing lots of changes have happened. The arrival of the tv and the computer, now tablets and smart phones. Our life is now driven by our screens. Screens are around us all the time. Websites, Social Media, Tv, Ads, Ebooks, Videos, YouTubes, Movies, Films, Documentaries, Education, Interaction, now all those things happen on the front of screen, while data, information, commerces, statistics and such are happening at the back end.

We are bombarded with visuals. They are all trying to tell us something. A message, a service, sell us a products or give us some news. Graphic Design is the trade for Visual Communications. If you have a message we can help you tailor how it will be seen.

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