Historical Evolution of Letterforms

Towards a smarter typography in the digital age

As part of the Graduate Communications Design program at Pratt Institute, Giovanni dived into the study of letterforms to better understand typography. He studied Calligraphy, Typography and Type Design with different professors from the Copper Union Continuing Education program as well as those available from the Type Directors Club.

At the end of his studies all came up together in a Thesis book, here presented, that studied and presented the evolution of letterforms, from manuscripts to moveble type all the way to our days with fonts.

The premise was to understand why typography on screens was so poor and why most things tended to look alike, disregarding the richness and tradition of classical typography and calligraphy, and how to implement that change into digital desing and web typography.

Fields of Study

  • Calligraphy
  • Typography
  • Type Design
  • Print Design