Donna Ferrato is an acclaimed photojournalist and activist known for her coverage of domestic violence and her documentation of the New York City neighborhood of Tribeca. Ferrato has worked for Life, Time, People, The New York Times, and Mother Jones. Her photographs have won various awards and have appeared in solo exhibitions in museums and galleries.

Donna Ferrato’s I AM UNBEATABLE project’s mission is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people. BlueGraphics, by the art direction of Giovanni Jubert, was commissioned to brand the project with a new visual identity and visual language to be applied throughout that will be memorable and visually recognizable both on the printed as in the digital format.

In a more detailed break down we will design a new mark or visual identifier for the project and a watermark for the images, together with a color scheme and layout guidelines to be applied consistently and in a cohesive manner. Once this is achieved the approved results will be applied to the visual update of presentation documents and project portfolio. The new portfolio website will become a platform for the project communication, that will integrate bi-directional communications with the defined and branded social media. A social media audit and development will be set on place to perform the launch of the updated project.