Try Maya Yoga


In 2014 BlueGraphics was comissioned to unify two different Maya Yoga projects under on roof. On one side Maui’s Maya Yoga Studio was merging with Maya Yoga Online, in an effort to bring the teachings of the Maya Yoga Studio to all the people off island, by creating a suscription based video library system. The procedure required the redesign of the group’s identity as well as the design and development of a suscription based yoga portal that hosted hundres of hours of yoga classes classified by skill, length, focus, toghether with the studio management and promotion, their ecommerce and their social media. The project was succesfully designed and launched after six months of development and gather compliments and suscribers for the next eighteen months before the partners splited and the project migrated into a diffent approach out of our control but still holding an adaptation of our branding.


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